The How To Guide To Adding Attractive Wood Details And Privacy To Your Dull Chain Link Fence

The installation of a chain link fence for your property can be a good investment for security, for animals, or to enclose outdoor spaces. It can also be a solution that is durable and affordable when you need to have a new fence installed, but you may want a little more than the plain chain link fencing materials. Makeover your fence with features like wood trim and details that give it an attractive design and custom privacy solution. The following ideas will help you add custom wood details and privacy features to your otherwise plain chain link fencing materials.

Post Covers—Covering Your Chain Link Fence Posts with Attractive Wood Details

The first improvement that you will want to consider for your chain link fencing is covering the round metal posts. This can be done by using lumber to build boxes that in case the posts, which can then be covered at the top with custom post caps.

Tip: When you use lumber to build boxes around the fence posts, pay attention to the size of the box. Try to build the boxes the size of standard fence post caps that you are planning on using.

Custom Wood-Framed Sections—Making Wood Frames to Add Attractive Details to Fencing

Another option that you may want to improve the appearance of chain link materials is making wood picture frames for each section of fence. The framed fence sections will give you many options to improve your fence and add custom features.

Tip: If your chain link fence has a top rail, use a U-shaped box to cover the rail at the top of the fence. Build the rest of the frame flush or even with the interior of the fence for a clean finished look.

Privacy in Fence Sections—Using Wood and Other Materials to Add Privacy Inside the Frames

The privacy of outdoor spaces around your home may be important to you, and the improvements to chain link fencing with wood details can help. You may want to consider using lattice or other materials to cover fence sections and provide your outdoor spaces with more privacy.

Tip: When adding privacy covers to your chain link fence, attach these materials before you finish the framed sections. Using the picture-frame sections to cover the edges of materials and make the privacy features a cleaner, and more attractive details to your chain link fence.

Attractive Gate Improvements—Give Your Chain Link Fence Gate A Makeover with Wood Design

The gate of your chain link fence may be the area where you want to improve the appearance of your fencing the most. Therefore, you will want to consider options like using the existing metal gate frame to build a wood gate that is supported by a metal frame. You can use the same frame details that you use for the fence sections on the gate to make the design uniform and attractive.

Tip: If you are using the chain link fence to keep dogs or other animals enclosed in your yard, add concrete or pavers at the gate opening to prevent digging.

The chain link fence you have installed for your property can have the attractive custom details you are looking for with some of these ideas. If you are ready to install a chain link fence to enclose your property, contact a chain link fencing service and talk to them about helping with some of these custom wood details for your new fence.

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