Three Reasons To Add Lattice To The Top Of Your Backyard Fence

When you meet with a local fencing contractor to discuss having a fence built around your backyard, it's important to go over a number of details related to how the fence will look. Any experienced fencing professional will be able to bring up different choices for you to evaluate, as well as discuss the pros and cons of each type of fencing. If you're leaning toward a conventional wooden fence, one topic to consider is whether you want lattice attached to the top of the fence. There are many different styles of lattice available, and your contractor will be able to show you some examples. Here are some reasons to add a lattice to the top of your fence.

It Adds Height

A big reason that many people add lattice to their backyard fences is that doing so provides a little more height to the fence. A fence that is taller obviously gives you and your family more privacy. Whether you're barbecuing, swimming in the pool, or just sitting on your back patio, extra privacy is something that you'll likely appreciate. If your yard is small, you'll also appreciate the lattice's ability to add privacy without feeling claustrophobic. Because the lattice has openings, it can definitely feel less claustrophobic than a fence of the same height that is entirely made of solid planks of wood.

It Adds Visual Interest

Your fencing contractor will show you designs for wooden fences with and without lattice, and you'll almost certainly feel that those with lattice offer more visual appeal. While you may want your backyard fenced primarily for functional reasons — namely, to keep your pets contained or provide a safe play area for your children — it's also important for the fence to look good. This is especially true if you've made significant investments in the look of your backyard through landscaping and other projects.

It's Good For Climbing Plants

If you're an avid gardener who is looking forward to planting some climbing plants at the base of your fence in certain areas, lattice can be a good choice. While some plants are capable of climbing up wooden planks, they'll thrive with lattice. Plants can wrap themselves around the lattice as they reach toward the sun, resulting in healthy plants that also offer privacy and visual appeal to your yard. Speak to a local fencing professional, like Image Fencing Inc, to learn more about why lattice is a good choice for backyard fences.

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