Considering A Commercial Fence Around Your Dumpster To Keep People Out? What To Know First

Keeping the exterior of your commercial property clean and well maintained is crucial, and if you are considering enclosing the area where you have your dumpster and disposal bins, you want to talk with a commercial fencing installer. If people are diving through the dumpster at night, security is also a concern.

The fence experts can measure the space, give you an estimate, and then determine what type of material will be the best for your needs. Here are a few of the options that you want to have included in the quote, and things you want to consider for this project.

Privacy Fencing

You want to add privacy fencing around the dumpster area so that no one can see what is inside. Make sure that the doors open like a sliding gate so it's easy for the dumpster company to come and pick up all the contents that are inside.

White vinyl privacy fencing is an affordable option that looks good and is easy to clean over time. This is a reliable investment because the vinyl is weather resistant and will last.

Locking Options

Locking up the enclosed area with the dumpster is important. Consider different locking options, from code padlocking options directly on the door that will require electrical and wiring work, along with just basic options to add a padlock.

The padlock can be easy for someone to cut off if they want to get into the dumpster. People crawling around in the dumpster looking for metal scrap or other items is a liability, so be sure to pick the best locking option.

Security Gate Fencing

If you think a gate may be enough to keep people out of the parking lot and area where they would have to park to haul stuff out of the dumpster or to get to the dumpster, then consider a gate blocking the drive. The fence company can put a gate that swings one way to open, or and option that slides or closes to meet in the middle.

There are a lot of different things that can occur when people try to rummage through your waste and adding fencing around the dumpster will keep people out and help prevent the dumpster from becoming an eyesore. A gate also adds extra security. Get a couple of quotes and look at the different fencing materials to come up with the best option for your property.

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