Security Tips for Commercial Parking Lots

Parking lot theft can be a major issue for some companies, whether it is theft and vandalism of company property and equipment or car break-ins in the employee lot. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to cut down on parking lot theft and vandalism.

Install Fencing

Perimeter fencing will keep out all but the most determined intruders. Since most parking lot thefts are crimes of opportunity, a fence can often be enough to solve most issues. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a fence — it needs to be secure, continuous, and difficult to climb. Open fencing that can be seen through can also be more secure since most criminals would prefer to be shielded from outside eyes.

Commercial chain link fences are an effective option that can fit most security budgets. Make sure the fence you choose sits flush to the ground so that no one can slide beneath it. It may also need a roll bar or barbwire on top to dissuade climbing. You can also have the fence rubberized, which is a coating that makes it more difficult to both climb up and cut through.

Use Gate Management

Any fence is only as good as its gate. You have two choices for gate management — manned or automatic. Manned gates provide you with security personnel that can verify that no one enters the lot that is not authorized to do so. Manned gates are especially helpful if you have a lot of equipment coming and going from the lot daily or if you have high customer or vendor traffic.

An automatic gate can be more cost-effective, but it is really only suited for lots that are open to employee use and not customer lots. Every employee that uses the lot should be provided with a personal code so you can track gate usage. You can even set codes up to only work during certain time windows, thus restricting lot access after hours.

Consider surveillance

If many of the crimes happen after hours or if crime persists even after fencing in the lot, surveillance may be in order. Video surveillance that is monitored by an offsite service or onsite security team can help catch criminals and discourage crime.

For after-hours issues, consider hiring a security service to do periodic patrols of your commercial lot. Their presence will often dissuade any potential criminal activity.

If you are ready to put an end to parking lot crimes, contact both a security firm and commercial fencing company in your area.

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