How To Choose A Finial Style For Your Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences do an excellent job of replicating wrought iron, which is costlier. Indeed, you even have a wide range of choices in finials, which stand up from the top rail. For being so small, these finials can have a big impact on the overall look of your fence. Finials for aluminum fences aren't quite as customizable as for wrought iron, but you still have a range of attractive choices.

Pressed Spear

The simplest finial style is the pressed spear. This style simply extends the picket below into a spear shape. The spear itself is flat and sharp. So, this finial style isn't hand-friendly, which makes it a good choice for a simple security fence.

Triad Spear

Perhaps the most common style of finial is the triad. It features a tall spike flanked by two smaller, curved spikes. Because the spikes are so prominent, the fence looks uninviting. Therefore, this style of finial is ideal for a more elaborate security fence.

Quad Spear

Despite its similar name, the quad spear doesn't look much like the triad spear. The quad spear is a sleek cone with four separate flares at the bottom, which is where it gets its name. The spear itself is topped with a ball to protect the hands. Therefore, the quad spear looks less menacing than the triad spear, which makes it ideal for a decorative fence.

Hoop and Spear

An even more decorative style is the hoop and spear. This finial style consists of a series of quad spears above the top rail. Every other quad spear features a hoop over the top like an arch. This finial style is even safer looking than the quad spear because of those hoops. The hoops also increase the visual height of the fence. Choose this style for an especially decorative fence.


Probably the most decorative style is the fleur-de-lis. These finials feature a central spike like the triad spear. They're also flanked by two spikes, but these ones curl downward. The fleur-de-lis takes its inspiration from the lily in its name. What's more, as experts point out, the fleur-de-lis is a symbol of royalty. Choose this style for a highly decorative fence with some protection value.


The final option isn't a finial per se, but fence manufacturers do offer this topper for aluminum fences. The ring topper consists of a doubled-up top rail. In between the top rails and pickets are a series of rings — hence the name. This topper style features a geometric appeal that is ideal for a modern-style fence. You often see this style for pool fencing, too.

Use the guide above to help you choose a finial style. Contact an aluminum fence installation contractor for more information.

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