Benefits A Precast Screen Gives Your Property

Precast screen walls consist of breeze bricks set between concrete posts, sometimes with cinder blocks as a base or topper. They can be assembled on-site or manufactured completely at the factory. As experts point out, any precast wall offers benefits, such as durability, due to the concrete being cured off-site. Precast privacy walls offer many benefits, which are outlined below.

Ventilation in Your Yard

One specific benefit of precast screens is that they allow for ventilation. The main part of the panel is made of breeze bricks. As their name suggest, the cinder blocks feature cutouts that let the breeze flow through. You can choose different levels of cutouts depending on how much privacy you want. Some precast walls feature deep, narrow cutouts that are difficult to see through but still let air through.

Dappled Sunlight

Many homeowners prize precast privacy walls because they cast shade into their yard, which keeps it cool. Precast screens can still offer a lot of shade, certainly more than a standard fence does. However, the breeze bricks will let some sunlight filter through. That sunlight will create a dappled surface of intricate patterns from the cutouts in the breeze blocks.

Visual Interest

The use of breeze blocks to create screens dates back to the Art Deco period. They became especially popular in the mid-century. Modern precast screens come in a variety of styles, including those that speak to a fully modern aesthetic. However, you can also find retro blocks. Regardless of the style you choose, their unique patterning will create visual interest on your property.

Decorative Customizations

When you order your precast screen walls, you can specify what style of cutouts you want. You can also order different colors, even within the same wall. For instance, the posts and pilings can be gray while the breeze blocks are white. Conversely, you can have the contractors assemble the wall on-site using individual cinders and bricks, which affords you even more customization options.


As noted, when precast concrete is cured off-site, the material becomes more durable. The reason for that durability is the manufacturers can cure the concrete in a controlled setting to ensure full curing in the ideal conditions. What's more, the contractors set the screens into a system of similarly cured footings that make the wall especially stable.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit for all concrete products is the lack of maintenance needed. Because precast concrete is especially durable, you rarely have to do any special maintenance tasks to increase its lifespan. As a bonus, concrete is a naturally fireproof product.

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