The Commercial Fence Guide To Appearance And Security When Installing New Fencing

When you are ready to install a new fence for your business, appearance is important. Therefore, you want solutions that look good and provide the right security. There are many options for materials, designs, and solutions to can give your business the attractive and secure fencing you are looking for. The following commercial fence guide will help you get the appearance and security you want.

Material Options for Attractive and Secure Fences — There are many options for commercial fencing, and you may want to combine different solutions. First, for the front of the business, wrought iron and metal fencing materials can create an attractive traditional appearance. For areas like back parking lots, loading docks and storage areas, you may want to use a more affordable material with security features. For the more secure and affordable fencing materials, chain link fencing is a better option.

Chain Link Features Where Security Is Most Important — Chain link fencing will give you the most options for security features when installing a commercial fence. This is why chain link fencing is one of the most commonly used commercial fence materials. Some of the security features you may want to add to your chain link fence include:

  • Higher fence sections where possible
  • Middle rail to support fence materials
  • Angled top rails to stop climbing
  • Razor and barbed wire materials for added security

These are the common security features that you will want to consider for your commercial chain link fence.

Make an Entrance That Is Secure and Attractive — The entrance of your business is important, and you want the gates to be attractive. The most secure commercial fencing designs have one entrance and exit. The single gate design will allow you to easily control your business to improve security. A single gate can also make attractive wrought iron or metal gates more affordable because only one gate will need to be installed.

Features for the Front of Your Business for Attractive Security — The front of your business is the area where you will want to have the most secure and attractive features. Therefore, you will probably want to use materials like wrought iron or similar metal fencing materials. To add security to these features, consider adding decorative spires and finials that are like spikes at the top of the fence. These features will make the fence more attractive and more secure.

Doing these things will help you get the security and appearance you want when investing in a new fence. If you are ready to install new fencing for your business, contact a commercial fencing contractor to talk to them about the appearance and security of new fencing.

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