How Add-Ons Can Make A Wrought-Iron Fence Look Unique

Do you plan to have a wrought-iron fence installed around your home, but you want your fence to look a bit unique. Here are a few add-ons that you can add to a wrought-iron fence.

Decorative Accents

A wrought-iron fence is going to have rails that are aligned vertically with long top and bottom rails that connect them all together. There will also be several support posts that separate sections of the fence and give it strength. While this alone can look quite beautiful, it can also look a bit plain.

A fun thing to do that will decorate each section of fence between the support posts is to put a wrought-iron accent in the middle. It can be installed by screwing it directly into the vertical rails with a self-tapping screw, and it can really easily transform a fence so that it looks fancy. These accents can resemble a decorative pattern, such as a fleur-de-lis, and they can be completely centered in the fence or there can be multiple spaced out in a row.

Accents can also be installed beneath the entire length of the top rail. Even some small wrought-iron rings can look great to add an additional pattern to the fence or a butterfly scroll that fits between each vertical rail across the top. 

Post Spires And Caps

You also have the option to customize the type of spires that are on each individual vertical rail of the fence. A standard fence is just going to have a flat edge along the top of the rail, which can be kind of basic and plain. You can add small decorative spires to each rail to really make the fence look fancy. It can be something simple, such as a spire with a single point and a flared base, or more decorative, like a 3-pointed spire.

The support post caps can also have more decorative elements, such as a much larger decorative accent that scales to the size of the fence post. These can actually be more basic, with it being a simple cast iron ball on top of the fence cap to simply give it something that stands out and looks nice or a flat cap that looks more finished rather than leaving it bare.

Want more ideas on how to make your iron fence look unique? Reach out to a fencing contractor for their assistance with wrought-iron fencing

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